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Oxidation Resistant Material

Hexoloy SiC – oxidation and creep resistant, low mass, high strength and temperature SiC refractory material – increases throughput and lowers cost of kiln operation

Oxidation Resistant Material -- High Temperature Hexoloy SiC


Oxidation resistant material such as Hexoloy SiC (Silicon Carbide) is used in many industrial applications. Hexoloy SiC specifically is an ideal choice for high temperature environments.

When exposed to 1100 degree C steam for extended periods, Hexoloy SiC demonstrates superior oxidation resistance compared to Siliconized SiC, Nitride Bonded SiC and Recrystalized SiC.  In a test running in excess of 500 hours, Hexoloy SiC out performed  other SiC formulations, as indicated by very low percent weight gain. See Figure 1 below.


Oxidation resistant materal - Hexoloy SiC
Figure 1: HexoloySiC is a superior Oxidation Resistant Material for use in high temperature steam environments.

Oxidation Resistant HexoloySiC Kiln Support Beams


Kiln Support Beams made from HexoloySiC have several advantages including low mass design potential, high strength, creep resistance and oxidation resistance. HexoloySiC beams are a cost effective solution for high temperature demanding kiln applications. Advantages include:

  • More product per kiln run – lower beam volume and weight 
  • Excellent oxidation resistant material - longer beam life
  • Excellent creep resistance material  - minimizes beam warp
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance - faster heat/cool 
  • Excellent at high temperatures – greater than 1750°C)
  •  Lower kiln operating costs

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