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Abrasion Resistant Material

Hexoloy SiC and Norbide® Boron Carbide – abrasion resistant materials – Armor, components, nozzles – non-porous, high hardness… - Hexoloy SiC SG is DC Magnetron Sputterable

Abrasion Resistant Materials


Abrasion resistant materials posses the ability to withstand mechanical actions such as rubbing, scraping, or erosion, that tends progressively to remove material from the materials surface. This ability helps to maintain the material's original appearance and structure.

Abrasion Resistant Materials at Saint-Gobain


At Saint-Gobain Ceramics, we have a long history of manufacturing abrasion resistant ceramic materials and products. Saint-Gobain Ceramics offers a choice of ceramic materials that can help reduce downtime in demanding applications.

Hexoloy® SiC, the world’s most popular alternative to tungsten carbide, provides long life due to excellent wear, corrosion and abrasion resistance. Norbide® Boron Carbide, one of the world’s hardest materials, also possesses superior wear and abrasion resistance for longer service life.

Both Hexoloy SiC and Norbide® Boron Carbide, abrasion resistant materials, are used extensively in demanding nozzle applications in which abrasion is a concern. The use of these materials reduces costly equipment downtime. Nozzles can be provided as finished or semi-finished components.

Abrasion Resistant Hexoloy SiC and Norbide® Boron Carbide Applications:

  •  Ballistic armor tiles
  • Dressing and forming sticks 
  • Wear resistant components pumping, water jet cutters, etc. 
  • Abrasives for polishing and lapping 
  • Nozzles for grit blasting slurry


HexoloySiC and Norbide® Boron Carbide immaterial Characteristics:

  •  Non-porous surface won’t react with lubricants and other chemicals
  • Good electrical resistivity 
  • High elastic modulus 
  • Near theoretical density for longer life 
  • Extreme hardness for long wear and abrasion resistance

A third Saint-Gobain abrasion resistant material is Hexoloy SG. This material is ideally applied in thin film format through DC Magnetron Sputtering.  Hexoloy SG, a variant of silicon carbide containing graphitic carbon, is electrically conductive. Silicon carbide thin film coatings are corrosion and abrasion resistant, optically transparent, temperature stable, and have excellent substrate adhesion.

Applications for this abrasion resistant material include magnetic and optical data hard disks, hard protective coatings on flat glass, and conductive or vapor barrier coatings.

Contact a Saint-Gobain Engineer to help with your abrasion resistant material requirements.